Sell PCR test kit

Covid-19 measures goods sale

We sell antigen/antibody test kits as a countermeasure against new corona infections. It can easily be checked at work or at home.
We recommend purchasing it for regular check-ups to prevent infection and to stock up in case of emergencies.
Our affiliated companies sell medical masks. The production and management is done at our own factory in Hamamatsu City, and this is a high standard respirator that has been quality tested at the Kaken Test Center and the Nelson Research Institute. It is primarily sold to health and welfare related organizations, but it can also be sold to other companies and individuals. Please contact us for more details.
As a countermeasure to the new corona infection, we provide disinfection and antibacterial services in space. The Force One Cooperative, of which we are a member, will be in charge of the construction.

Features of the next generation UltraShield ® with 100% natural ingredients

  • Efficacy proven by research at Kitasato University
  • Removes 99.9% of bacteria and mold
  • Ingredients are almost 100% natural, no harmful substances, safe for the human body
  • Refreshing scent after application, no oily residue
  • The effect lasts an average of 2 to 3 months
  • Construction by a specialized unit with technical training

* It is completely different from hypochlorous acid and ozone.

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