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Corporate customers

For companies employing foreigners. We provide services from many perspectives in cooperation with administrative scriptwriters specializing in immigration and foreign employment management.

Introduction of foreign human resources

After consulting, we will introduce foreign human resources according to your wishes.
We would like to introduce highly specialized human resources that play a central role in the company. Please contact us regarding your expertise and profession.

Flowchart until applied

-We will try our best to support you even after recruitment.

Please let us know the job information. We would like to ask you in detail about the human resources you are looking for.

We will explain to candidates (job seekers) according to recruitment guidelines from recruitment companies.

We gather highly qualified human resources wishing to work in Japan from universities, colleges, professional high schools, vocational schools… in Vietnam.

From job seekers employed by our company and local affiliated educational institutions, we will select candidates that match your company’s requirements and send resumes and the workflow of the people involved for your company.

After your company reviews the documents, we will set up an interview for the selected people. In general, it will be done in Vietnam. Interviews using an Internet environment such as Skype are also possible.

We will intervene between you and the candidate and adjust the conditions of employment. We will also prepare the work visa application process at the same time (usually the test time is 2-3 months).

We will exchange the “Notice of Conditions of Employment” and will be officially recruited. Until you receive your work visa, we will provide “pre-arrival training” to prospective employees at a local (optional) co-educational institution.

After obtaining the visa, the date of landing and hiring in Japan will be decided. After hiring, you have to pay a referral fee

After working hours, we will give you tips so that you can smoothly adjust to life in Japan. We will continue to accept consultations from your company and workers. For unexpected troubles and accidents, we will assist you to solve them.

⚠️ We will not make any recommendations or suggestions that may lead to illegal employment.

Notes when applying for a residence visa

① It is necessary to attach “the candidate’s education (specialization)” with “content of work at the workplace”.

② You cannot apply as a simple worker (status of residence: technology, humanities knowledge, international work).

* When registering, we will proceed with the procedures carefully and confirm with the partner’s scenario manager.

What is a “Registration Support Agency”? Role/method of selection, admission conditions and precautions of organizations supporting registration in the specific skills system

Do you know “registration support agency”? If you are hiring a foreign worker, you may have heard the name. For those who want to hire foreign workers now, it is important to make good use of this “registration assistance organization”.

This time, we will introduce details about this registration support organization, such as roles, duties and selection.

Do you know the word “registration support agency”?

If you are in for a specific skill #1, then the host organization (the organization to which that particular skill belongs) has a government obligation to support foreigners with specific skills , so consider hiring foreign workers now. It’s important to those people. those who have this to make good use of this “registration support organization”.

This time, we will thoroughly explain the roles, tasks, selection methods, and more. of this “registration support organization”.

What is a registration support agency?

A registration assistance organization mandated by a specific affiliated organization (accepting organization) so that the #1 foreigner with specific skills can perform activities based on residency status residence of “specific skills” in a stable and smooth manner. It is an organization that provides support for professional life, daily life or social life.

Support for foreigners with specific skills is the following 10 items.

1. Advance Instructions
2. Pick-up and drop-off upon arrival and departure in Japan
3.Support necessary contracts to ensure housing and life
4.Life direction
5.Accompanied by public procedures, etc.
6.Create opportunities to learn Japanese
7.Respond to consultations and complaints
8.Promote exchanges with Japanese people
9.Job change support (in case of staff cuts, etc.)
10.Regular interviews/reports to government agencies

The designated affiliated organization (accepting organization) must provide the above support to the designated skilled number 1 alien for each of these support categories.

It can be difficult for the host to support because the country-specific support content has many specialized categories and requires that it be provided in the mother tongue of a foreigner with a specific skill set. However, specific affiliated organizations (accepting organizations) may outsource some or all of this support to a registered support agency . If you outsource the entire support plan to a registered support agency, you are considered to have met the support system that the host agency needs to meet.
・ Specific affiliated organizations (accepting organizations) that need assistance for foreigners with specific skills
・ However, part or all of the support may be outsourced to a subscription support organization.

Roles and supporting content of registration support organizations

The primary job of the registration support organization is to improve support planning and support systems. We will be commissioned by a specific affiliated organization (accepting organization) to plan to assist foreigners with specific skills and to plan support

In addition, there are two types of support: “compulsory support” that must be provided and “voluntary support” that is provided voluntarily.

■ What is required support?
As the name suggests, it is “support must be provided” among the support for foreigners with specific skills.
Below are the details of the main required support.

Japan Immigration Bureau “About Status of Residence” Specific Skills “”

■ What is voluntary support?
Unlike required support, it does not mean it must be provided. However, it is necessary to provide as much voluntary support as possible in order to Foreigners with specific skills can safely work in Japan. It is positioned as auxiliary support for required support.

If you are registered as a support agency, you will be obligated to “report the status of support once a quarter” and “report to the government agency whether the support is being properly implemented.” are not”. Failure to do these two will result in unsubscribing.
In addition, support costs must be borne by companies employing foreign workers with specific skills No. 1.

How to become a registration support agency?

Whether you are a group or an individual, you can become a registrar if you meet certain requirements.
Criteria for receiving registration from an organization that supports registration is divided into the following two requirements.

1. The organization itself is suitable
2. There is a system to support foreigners

Specifically, there are 6 points below.

① A support manager and one or more support staff have been assigned.
② Which of the following 4 points applies?
  1. Must have a record of accepting medium to long-term residents within two years, unlimited individuals and groups.
  2. An individual or group intending to become a registration assistance organization has experience in various consulting services related to foreigners as a business for the purpose of obtaining compensation in within two years.
  3. The appointed support staff has more than 2 years of experience in life counseling services for people in the medium and long term in the past 5 years.
  4. In addition to the foregoing, it is recognized that an individual or group intending to become a registration assistance organization can perform appropriate support work to an extent similar to these.
③ No foreigner with specific skills or lack of technical interns created due to causes deemed to be to blame within one year.
④ Do not let foreigners bear the cost of direct or indirect support.
⑤ Penalties for breaking laws and regulations (such as being punished by labor or immigration laws and regulations within 5 years)
⑥ Have not committed any substantial fraud or injustice in relation to immigration or employment law within 5 years


Support for the acceptance of the No. 1 Designated Skilled Foreigner may be provided directly by the host company or by a registration assistance organization. However, there are many companies that outsource the support of the registration agency because it is not necessary to do the support work in-house by outsourcing the registration support agency.
When choosing a registration support agency, you should choose a company that not only provides specified support content, but also provides specific support services for the retention of foreign human resources.

Also, if you don’t make a mistake in the way you apply, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to become a registration support organization, but it is important that you fully understand the role of a registration support organization. sign.

Notes when applying for a residence visa

(1) It is necessary to attach “the applicant’s education (specialty)” with “the content of the work being done”.

② You cannot apply as a simple worker (status of residence: technology, humanities knowledge, international work).

* When registering, we will proceed with the procedures carefully and confirm with the partner’s scenario manager.

What is the system for training foreign technical interns?

We comply with laws and regulations and supervise Vietnamese technical interns. We will advise you from using the system to recommending human resources.

The Foreign Technical Intern Training Program was established in 1993. It is institutionalized with the aim and purpose of transferring skills, technology or knowledge cultivated in Japan to the foreign technical trainees. developing regions, contributing to “human resource development” responsible for economic development, and promoting international cooperation… By establishing employment relationships with companies in Japan , we aspire to acquire, master and master skills that are difficult to obtain in the country of origin. The maximum duration is 5 years, and the acquisition of skills, etc. based on the technical intern training plan.

Due to its purpose and purpose, the system of training foreign technical interns cannot be used as a means of regulating the supply and demand of the workforce, so it must be taken with caution. .

Acceptance stream

After joining the association and signing various contracts, we will discuss the necessary matters.

The recruiting organization with which our association has an employment contract, and the company accepts the first document check (resumes).

We will go to the site and have an interview. In addition, a written test and a practical test will be conducted as needed. (Online interviews and authorized interviews by union staff are also possible.) After that, the final hiring will be decided.

At the same time, while waiting for the certification, we will give a presentation on Japanese language and culture.

Apply for a “Certificate of Eligibility” to the Immigration Department.

After being allowed to enter Japan, we will consult with the host company to determine the date of entry.

For a month after entering Japan, we will hold a legal course at our association.

After the legal training, the technical intern training will begin.

Types of work accepted

Technical intern training system List of transferred occupations / jobs (83 occupations 151 jobs)

1 Agriculture related (2 occupations, 6 jobs)

Crop agriculture
Agriculture and livestock

2 Fishery related (2 occupations, 10 jobs)

Fishing by fishing boat ●
Aquaculture ●

3 Construction related (22 occupations, 33 works)

Construction sheet metal
Structure of cold air conditioning equipment
Producing household appliances
Architectural Carpenter
Formwork construction
Reinforced bar structure
Building stone
Water pipe system
Construction insulation
Interior finishing work
Construction of roofing sheets
Waterproofing works
Construction concrete pump
Construction of well points
Construction machine construction
Construction furnace

4 Food production related (11 occupations, 18 jobs)

Close the coil box
Poultry processing industry
Thermal seafood processing
Food production industry
Seafood processing without heating
Food production industry
Producing products from fish sauce
Beef and pork processing industry
Production of ham, sausages and bacon
Make bread
Sosai manufacturing industry
Agricultural pickle production industry △
Medical/welfare facility that produces lunch △

5 Textile (22 occupations out of 13 occupations)

Spinning operation △
Textile fabric operation △
Manufacture of knitted products
Production of warp knitted fabrics
Manufacture of women’s and children’s clothing
Manufacture of men’s clothing
Production of underwear
Production of blankets and pillows
Carpet production △
Production of canvas products
Sewing fabric
Sewing seats

6 Machinery / Related Metals (continued)

Metal stamping
Sheet metal factory
Anodizing aluminum
Mechanical test
Maintenance machinery
Assembling electronic equipment
Assembly of electrical equipment
Production of printed circuit boards

7 Other (17 occupations, 30 jobs)

Making furniture
Plastic mold casting
Reinforced plastic molding
Industrial packaging
Manufacture of paper and cardboard boxes
Manufacture of industrial ceramic products
Car maintenance
Building cleaning
Long-term care
Linen supply △
Production of concrete products

○ Occupation / job with internal certification (1 occupation 3 jobs)

Ground treatment at the airport

(Note 1) ● Type of work: Types of work related to the technical intern training assessment test (Note 2) Types of jobs and jobs without △ can be practiced for to Number 3.

Acceptable number of people

The maximum number of technical interns a company can receive is as follows.
(For specific type of monitoring group/business monitoring)

30 full-time employees or less
Number of people accepted: 3 people(No. 1) Maximum number of people that can be accepted at one time: 9 people(Number 1 + No. 2)
31-40 full-time employees
Acceptable number of people: 4 people(Number 1) Maximum number of people that can be accepted at the same time:12 people(Number 1 + No. 2)

41 to 50 full-time employees
Acceptable number of people: 5 people(Number 1) Maximum number of people that can be accepted at one time:15 people(Number 1 + No. 2)

51 to 100 full-time employees
Acceptable number of people: 6 people(Maximum number of people number 1 can be accepted at the same time:18 people(Number 1 + No. 2)

101-200 full-time employees
Acceptable number of people:10 people(Number 1) Maximum number of people that can be accepted at the same time:30 people(Number 1 + No. 2)

Number of full-time employees 201-300
Acceptable number of people:15 people(Number 1) Maximum number of people that can be accepted at the same time:45 people(Number 1 + No. 2)

Stream from entry to return

Classification of technical intern training

① Skills improvement activities, etc. = First year (Skilled Intern Training Program No.1)
② Activities to familiarize yourself with skills, etc. = 2nd and 3rd years (Digital Intern Training Course 2)
③ Activities to improve skills = 4th and 5th years (Digital Intern Training Course 3)

<Excerpt from JITCO’s website>

This is a new status of residence established in April 2019. Acceptable in 14 nationally designated labor shortage industries.

The Immigration Control Act was amended in April 2019 and the use of foreigners as unskilled workers, which was previously prohibited in principle, has been partially lifted. Target sectors are limited to 14 industries that the government has recognized as understaffed. However, there are many different rules to accept and it is difficult for a company to accept it alone. We are registered with the Ministry of Justice as a “registration assistance organization” that assists companies in accepting foreigners with specific skills. We can provide consistent support from recruitment to acceptance and after-sales follow-up.

Source: Immigration Bureau of Japan

Source: Immigration Bureau of Japan

Development of foreign human resources (Japanese language education, etc.)

We not only introduce human resources, but also focus on education and skill development for foreigners.
Career design education is being carried out in partnership with a national university in Vietnam. This is a training program for future executive candidates in a company.

In May 2019, we are launching “Career Design Education” in cooperation with Hue National University of Science. By actively participating in the training process as well as simply introducing human resources, we will be able to practice our ideal education and reduce the mismatch with companies after hiring. . We are also looking for companies to support us to continue our human resource development program in the long run.

・Implement Japanese language education in cooperation with Hue National University of Foreign Languages

・Basic education will be provided in the first year of the second year, and the aim is to obtain a certificate equivalent to the N4 Japanese Language Proficiency Test at the start of the overseas career design theory of the year third (this year students only, Japanese Language Education and Overseas Career Design). Theoretical concurrent join)

・Continue to teach Japanese even after the end of 3rd grade, in order to achieve the same level of Japanese Language Proficiency Test N3 at the beginning of the internship

・ A 60-minute lecture is planned for 6 classes per week (24 classes per month) for a total of 24 months (576 classes in total).

・Text used: Everyone’s Japanese, original text, etc.

・ In addition to Japanese language education, we also provide Japanese culture education and lifestyle guidance services.

Recruiting support companies

① Admission to the course 20.000 JPY monthly + tax (240,000 JPY annually + tax)

② Advanced course 50,000 JPY monthly + tax (600,000 JPY annually + tax)

・ Recruiting support companies from the two aspects of “supporting youth in developing countries” and “acquisition of suitable human resources”

・ Currently 10 companies are co-sponsoring. Looking for 10 more companies (20 companies in total) for the second term

Internship Program Signing Ceremony

May 7, 2019 @ Hue University of Science

Program details

● (2) First semester intensive lecture
2019/11/26 08:00 ~ 10:50

・Review the previous lecture

· Case study

~ Thoughts from the UK’s “Container Corpse Case” ~

2019/11/27 08:00 ~ 10:50
・Notify problems

(“What is career design” that comes to mind)

Organize a programming contest

Meet and greet between students and support companies

Lecture scene

Overview of the KIS-GE . internship program

Japanese class

Meeting to exchange ideas with the person in charge of the Ministry of Hue

A prescribed Japanese language teacher appointed by the Cultural Affairs Agency will guide. We will create a curriculum that meets the wishes of both sponsors and learners, such as preparing for the exam (JLPT), practicing daily conversations and absorbing technical terms.

We teach Japanese by “Japanese teachers”. The teaching method and content will vary depending on the current level of the target foreigner and the environment in which they are studying. We will educate you by accurately capturing your individual needs.

We provide advice on employment of foreigners and advice on applying for a resident visa.

Due to the declining birth rate and aging population in Japan and the decreasing working population, employment of foreigners in companies is becoming more common. It is important to treat foreign employment as “enterprise innovation” rather than simply filling a labor shortage. When hiring a foreigner, you need to have different considerations and knowledge than the Japanese. It goes without saying that we respect each other’s cultural and customs differences, but knowledge of so-called “immigration laws” is essential. You may unknowingly help with illegal employment or criminal activity. We engage in consulting services for companies employing foreigners for the first time. From the outline of the system to the details of the business, we will respond politely to the associated admin scriptwriter.

Headquartered at our local subsidiary in Vietnam, we assist in the establishment of the local subsidiary and provide marketing services. We fully support the complicated procedures typical of socialist countries. Let us arrange special economic zones, industrial parks, introduce local workers.

Meeting with the Chairman of the People’s Committee of Hue province

Visit Phu Bai-Hue Industrial Park

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