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We recommend online meetings to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection.

Services such as personnel introduction, Japanese language training, visa application, etc.

We have different services for companies and foreigners.

Corporate customers

For companies employing foreigners. We provide services from many perspectives in cooperation with administrative editors specializing in immigration and foreign employment management.

Foreign customers

For foreigners working in Japanese companies. We provide consulting services on job change and labor issues, and advise on various procedures such as confirmation, renewal and replacement. change residence visa.

Other services

Introduce businesses to new corona prevention solutions and food export business.

Provide anti-COVID-19 products

We are working on measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections.

Exporting organic products

We started exporting Japanese organic tea and spreading Japanese culinary culture, and we also provided support such as joint product development and commercial support.

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Highly specialized human resources

We would like to introduce highly specialized human resources that play a central role in the company. Please contact us regarding your expertise and profession.

Foreign technical intern trainees (status of residence: training technical interns)

We comply with laws and regulations and supervise Vietnamese technical interns. We will advise you from using the system to recommending human resources.

Foreigners with specific skills (status of residence: specific skills)

This is a new status of residence established in April 2019. Acceptable in 14 nationally designated labor shortage industries.

Support organization for foreigner registration

Do you know “registration support agency”? If you are hiring a foreign worker, you may have heard the name. For those who want to hire foreign workers now, it is important to make good use of this “registration assistance organization”.

Japanese language education, etc.

A prescribed Japanese language teacher appointed by the Cultural Affairs Agency will guide. We will create a curriculum that meets the wishes of both sponsors and learners, such as preparing for the exam (JLPT), practicing daily conversations and absorbing technical terms. .

Application for a foreigner's employment/residence visa

We provide advice on employment of foreigners and advice on applying for a resident visa.

Expand to Vietnam and establish a local company

We provide support and marketing for the establishment of local corporations to companies considering expanding into Vietnam. We fully support the complicated procedures typical of socialist countries. Let us arrange special economic zones, industrial parks, introduce local workers.

Career / change of job recommendation (support career advancement

We provide counseling for job search and job change, and career advancement advice.

Ability development (Japanese language education, etc.)

A Japanese teacher will teach you. We will create a curriculum to improve your skills according to your desires, such as preparing for the exam (JLPT), practicing daily conversations and absorbing technical terms .

Residence visa application

We accept various confirmation and consultation requests such as residence visa confirmation, student visa conversion application, work visa extension, permanent residence application, etc.

About real estate / real estate

We offer a wide range of support, from purchasing used properties to renovating and recommending residential and business properties. Leave us for real estate advice, rental/purchase agreement support, and more.

Education for career design

Career design education is being carried out in partnership with a national university in Vietnam. This is a training program for future executive candidates in a company.

Sell PCR test kit

We sell antigen/antibody test kits that give results within 3 minutes. We handle high precision equipment imported directly from Korea.

Sell non-woven fabric mask

We sell high standard masks which are manufactured in related factories in the country and certified by the US Nelson Institute.

Space disinfection

We are a space sterilization agent using natural ingredients that are good for humans and the environment. It is a safe product and guarantees no hypochlorous acid or ozone, which are suspected to be effective.

Selling organic groceries abroad

Organic green tea using tea leaves from Shizuoka Prefecture is being sold overseas. We can also supply it to domestic customers.

About Us

From problem solving to value creation century ★

The number of foreign residents in Japan has increased every year and now exceeds 2.800,000 (as of December 2020), and there are more opportunities to come into contact with foreigners in any situation. As Japan’s population declines due to the declining birth rate and aging population, it is becoming common to live with foreigners to sustain future economic activities. However, even if you say a foreigner, there are many different origins. We must recognize each other’s worth, respect each other’s place, and strive to create a new society, both in our work and in our daily lives. We are developing our business to become a bridge between Japanese companies and foreigners.


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